Monday, July 9, 2018

Don't call it a comeback...

So, I have been bad. About blogging. In reality I have been busy. very busy. But i am back and will start using this forum again! stand by for some new designs and a peek at some of the stuff I missed posting!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Earth Rangers Oasis

A proposal for a Google offices style area for idea sharing and brainstorming in the EarthRangers Centre.

Benches, foam pillow rocks, padded lawn, a cork tree for pinning notes and artwork, and a swing!


Created for Nuit Blanche 2012. Envisioned by Thom Sokolovski I was brought in by the City of Toronto to create drawings and accomplishable designs. The concept was a drive through funhouse!

Very ambitious in terms of sheer size and scope it went up in a 24 hour period and occupied an entire city block. On Bay street no less, just south of old City hall.

Inspired by Tobe Hooper's "Funhouse" it had three areas, a corridor of flashing multi coloured chandeliers...

...and a hall of mirrors separated by a dark space.

There is a gallery of photographs of the finished product here:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Drowning Girls

 A lovely show. In the round. stage covered in water. 3 bathtubs.
good sight lines for all seats
 early concept with a raised stage
 and an even early version.

How the Other Half Loves

 A really interesting challenge, a show taking place in two homes at the same time.
 Front view
 From House Right
From House left. your experience as an audience differ greatly depending on where you sat.

Untitled Earth Rangers Project

A selection of renders from a proposal for an outdoor show

Wild Experience show

Entrance to tent
 Front view
 S56 tent, it was almost perfect for our needs, could have been a tiny bit bigger..
 The interior
 Front view of the stage
 View from the back row
 Plan view
This was originally designed for Ontario Place, then modified for Canada's wonderland.