Thursday, October 2, 2008

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me Prelims

So, here are some updates!

The room is exactly 12X12 X10' high, the walls are drawn at 6" thick because I know they will need to be super beefy once three people are chained to them! the door is 2'6"X6'-3" a tad smaller that common, I might shrink a touch more...

The window is bricked up, as per our re purposed storage room idea. the ceiling is 2X 10 framing with painted muslin [or scrim, mmm.] on top so I can light through. I raised the floor to two feet for sightlines and I love how it feels like we are caught in void now, feels more like its underground...

We need 5 4X8 risers and one custom riser, I would love to cover the floor with that tile underlay sheet rock stuff... whatever its called... so that the chains sound right on the ground. On that note lets plan to deaden the sound from underneath as well.

I look forward to your thoughts!

Here is the plan view:

House left view:

Best seat in the house view:

Extreme House Right view:

And the back row view:

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