Monday, April 6, 2009


So here it is the first day of rehearsal and I am snowed in...
I left at 7am and was forced to turn around and come back, I think the snowplow guys have been laid off for the season because I have seen no hide nor hair of them!

Thankfully the internets are still up and working...

Here is the updated drawings for the show:
Sky, as you can see I have added a second red flat to the back wall, I think it will give us more definition to the windows [gobos] and helps with the circus feel. Also I cut the Saint Sebastian, after talking with you it did not seem to make sense with all the scenes. and at centre stage it was holding more importance than it deserved.  

From the side:

Detail of the kitchen / hallway saloon doors:

From above 3D:

Plan view 2D:
See you soon.

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